Mindful Practices

Purifying and elevating the 3 bodies

The path of Sentient Fitness refers to exercises that focus on personal evolution. Instead of “development” toward some ideal, we focus on the destruction of the illusionary inhibitors present in our life. Focusing on the health and wellness of the 3 bodies (mental, emotional and physical), sentient fitness promotes the unification of man with soul. This practice is for those who also thrive in the same direction, growing in love and compassion.

Good health and a well fit body is a by-product of Sentient Fitness. Anyone can begin Sentient Fitness by simply engaging the 5 Focuses given below.

5 Focuses

It may be of profit to know that practicing sentient fitness is a response to goodwill, and is safe and open to all. The essential aspects of Sentient Fitness are sensible in nature for a healthier, liberating life. These components are called “Focuses”. These are not the only areas that one may engage; they’re simply the areas we see to be substantial of this practice.

  1. Non-Resistance
  2. Healing
  3. Exercise
  4. Education
  5. Work

The information below is a simple, brief description of the five areas of focus that touch on the meaning and implication of each area into daily life. The information presented can help propel the reader in the necessary direction however it is the responsibility of every aspirant to excavate and discover the deeper truth on their own.


Resistance is defined as:

; The refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.

This is a practice that is applied to the whole of our life. By not resisting what life presents us, we allow ourselves to enter into a stream that flows toward harmony, unfoldment and liberation. This is the path of the soul which allows one to revisit all the areas in their life that may have been left broken or incomplete. At the same time the individual is faced with challenges and experiences that bring minor and major awakenings. In short, non- resistance can be viewed as the movement of absorbing into the whole, your greater self.

This practice correlates with all of the bodies dealing with the mind and thought, the astral/emotional body with its feelings and pleasures, and the temptations of the physical body.



This can be done anywhere at any time. It can be most fruitful in quiet areas and during meditation.

Trust whatever comes

As mentioned above, this is more of a movement in how we live and the choices we make. Anything that is presented before us in our day to day life we choose to go into and give it our time and consideration. Conflict breeds harmony, is universal law. Conflict is the beginning tensions of an eventual unification.   The two surfaces blend together, unifying to create harmony.

Stop lifting weights

Lifting weights and other resistance training are analogous. The Action of practicing resistance in turn, strengthens and multiplies this energy. Body weight training, calisthenics, parkour, yoga and other forms of exercise are good promoters of non-resistance. They’re also healthier and less destructive to your bones and joints.


Healing is both short term and long term. Some of our healing may begin with physical health transitioning, then to relationships and experiences. To begin the process of healing ourselves consciously we may begin with what we can control, our physical bodies.

By beginning to eat more plant based, organic foods and eliminating the use of some of the products we use on a day to day basis, we begin to purify the cells of our body while causing less harm to our environment. This promotes the healing of the individual as well as the environment. When opportunity presents itself we will have the chance to heal greater parts of our life aside from the physical body. This opportunity may be with an old friend, family member or maybe a crippling fear.



There isn’t a human on the planet that doesn’t have some quarrel or bitterness with one of their loved ones or someone maybe they don’t even know. As Plato said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  This is a truth for all of humanity. What we don’t see is that grudges, negative thoughts and emotions, are all things. These things are heavy and pull us down, literally. Forgiveness is the releasing of these thoughts and emotions. Forgiveness is the destruction of the wall that separates and disconnects. Through forgiveness we stimulate the energies love, which brings about an uplifting of our consciousness and the energy of our bodies.


; The removal of contaminants from something.

The process of purification is one that eventually leads us back to the pure one, the Soul. An impure life is one that reflects chaos, negative emotions, confusion, stress, fear, and so on. When we purify our bodies and lives, we bring us to a state of existence where all of the above seize to exist more and more. Granted, there will still be conflicts, danger and discord in the world around us, however within us, all of this will make sense and will have a different effect upon us.

In order to truly begin the process of purification, we must first realize we are impure and the major areas of our impurities. An impure physical body is the reflection of an impure emotional and mental body. By understanding the effects of our actions and decisions, coupled with the desire to do and be better, we take action in beginning the process of purifying our mental body by beginning to change the quality of our thoughts. Understanding is essential to ascension in life and integrating ourselves with that which is around us.

Changing the way we eat is essential for purification and has more to do with replacing the current cells of the body with healthier cells, whose quality reflects Mother Nature opposed to cells that are far from Mother Nature, such as the ones fed by processed, lifeless foods.

This same process of purification must also be applied to not only our relationships with others but our relationships with our selves. Grudges, hate, resentment, fear of, bitterness, all of these are expressions on the emotional plan of impurities. As in any space, unneeded waste that has yet to be removed eventually builds up and creates an uncomfortable, congested environment. This is equivalent to the toxic feelings and negative thoughts built up in our heads and our hearts.


With a healthy diet, physical exercise can be more moderate and less intense. Physical exercise does not have to focus primarily on the physical body. By challenging ourselves and experimenting with different forms of exercise, we challenge the mind and break our dependence on habit and close mindedness.



Body weight training



Free running

Tia Chi +


Spiritual practices can refer to actions or activities that affect internally what can be reflected physically. Spiritual work has to do with stimulating those mediums (such as the glands/ centers) to bring about synthesis with the soul and its energy. Consider dealing with matters of the soul and awakening certain faculties or senses that were once previously dormant. The qualities of love, compassion and selflessness must be interjected whole heartedly. These virtues alone are the qualities of Soul and by exercising these qualities we continuously synthesize and blend with our greater whole.  Transmuting our lower nature of greed, anger and selfishness to their counterparts of our higher nature, we come into a realm of new experience, one of harmony and higher living. This is done by integrating our opposites. This is the Law of Magnetism, which is best inferred through the old proverbs “as a man thinketh so is he” and “energy follows thought”.


Spiritual readings (books)

Evening Reflection

The evening reflection is when we take time out to reflect on our day. They say a story is told from beginning to end but it is best understood backwards. Our evening reflection is our conscious effort to understand the events of our day, observing our actions, inactions, feelings, thoughts and all that has transpired.

We would like to give warning to those aspirants looking to take part in any spiritual practice. Practicing spiritual works in a healthy, fruitful manner has to do with contacting the energies of the soul and raising the vibration of the individual. The selfish desire to acquire power for personal use or to channel some deity is unhealthy and unwise. Practices that promote such outcomes can be damaging to the nervous system as well as other glands and we do not advise it. The practices suggested above allow a man/woman to be receptive to the energy of the soul, allowing the soul, which is truly the one that steers all life on earth, to properly guide the individual.


The material world is a reflection of the inner worlds, which mean all things in manifestation must be considered. The need for education in society is fundamental in all the kingdoms of nature. Learning, experience and experimentation are necessary for the absorption and expansion of beings. The educational institutions in manifestation are a direct reflection of necessary need. In order to function and live a fulfilling life in any society, some form of education or learning is mandatory. This is so with animals, plants and even minerals. Learning and experience work hand in hand. To understand the spiritual world one must begin to learn about the spiritual world. Likewise, by taking part in spiritual experiences, one receives first-hand knowledge of the spiritual world.

Study and education along spiritual lines normally fall under the category of occult study or esotericism, having to do with that which is unseen or hidden. However books on physiology, science and religious books and writings can also be effective.

A couple suggestions:

Initiation of the World by Vera Stanley Alder

Letters on occult meditation by Alice Bailey


The work we do applies to the areas in our lives where we wish to render our time and service. For some, work goes hand in hand with education, for others it is creative and for a majority it’s primarily a means to make money. This is an area of life where it may be most difficult to live with purpose while still financing your daily living. Yet this is also the challenge.


Volunteer work

Volunteering is a good way to serve and giveback, creating an atmosphere of abundance through magnetism.

Creative work

Art, music, writing and other means of expression are beneficial in communicating your soul impulses. The energy we use to work a 9-5 job is the energy of the soul and it is wasted if it is never used. Create. Express. Communicate. Serve.

Applying the methods above and going further

Throughout the day we are provided ample opportunities to apply different qualities we wish to strengthen, for example, listening to a friend about trouble occurring in their life, helping someone with their groceries or telling the truth about something that might cause conflict.