The Lifestyle transition programs offered below are hands on services provided by our personal coaches. We arrange daily visits to your home or location of meeting and perform the tasks agreed upon that we believe will provide the necessary treatment for the client. Our services are not free; however, we are willing to work with anyone to the best of our ability depending on each individual’s circumstance.

Healing Foods Assistance

We prepare alternative plant based meals that accommodate the appetite and taste buds while healing and nourishing the individual. Our meals are customized based on the individual and their normal daily eating habits. Our goal is to successfully ease our clients into a healthy choice of foods, helping them realize that they can still enjoy their food without deteriorating their health.

Alternative Healing Assistance

We apply our hands on wisdom and experience to assist individuals looking to heal illnesses, detox and cleanse their bodies or simply looking to adopt a life of purification.


Meditation Practice

Introduction to beginning the practice of meditation, our exercises are customized to help individuals based on their needs and attainment.

This is a complimentary practice, email us today to begin. 



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