All of our training is currently stationed in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area primarily. We are open to clients and proposals in other states as well. Our services are not free however we are willing to work with anyone to the best of our ability depending on each individuals circumstance.

Personal Fitness Coaching

Our personal fitness coaching focuses more on the physical shape and sustainability of the individual. We aim to reach clients desired goals while bringing the body to a stage of balanced strength and ability.

Athletic Training Coaching

This coaching focuses on the sport in which the individual is engaged. We aim to strengthen and awaken the potential in areas that will elevate the athletes performance.

Weight Loss Coaching

We strongly advocate the need for clean eating with this coaching. We provide advice and guidance to trainees on different alternative foods and methods to help bring about a change in daily eating. Our cardio based exercise routines are based on a specific approach using calisthenics and body weight training, instead of just constant jogging.

Strength Recovery Coaching

Using the body and the environment we engage in movements and routines that will help increase the strength of specific muscle groups. These exercise focus on recovery and healing.

Online Fitness Coaching

Schedule a 1 on 1 Skype session as we engage in custom routines designed to meet your goals. Our trainers will engage in the exercise sessions with you, coaching you through every step of the way.

Group Fitness Sessions

We provide group sessions geared toward any of the given areas of our coaching. Health & Wellness Workshops – A part of our group sessions include us hosting an event, workshop or a lecture focusing on holistic wellness. This includes exercises (not just physical), discussions, games and other activities depending on the scope of the event.

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