Ancient Grains

Choosing healthy grains

In our society grains are very popular and play a frequent role on the plates of the people. Since grains are so greatly enjoyed, a good doable step we can take is to use discernment on the type of grain we choose to eat. When it comes to grains we must begin to stay away from white rice, brown rice and yellow rice. These three types of rice are primarily saturated carbohydrates and turns into an indigestible fat when they enter the body. Grains such as quinoa, forbidden rice, wild rice, frekka and few others are good substitutes that provide the body with a positive kick in nutrients.

Quinoa is a good source of fiber, protein and essential amino acids. It is a grain that can provide you with the fullness some desire while still nourishing the body. In our culture we tend to eat a lot of grains, these healthy substitutes will lower cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and body fat. Quinoa is considered an electric food and also provides the body with energy that fuels it for physical activity. Black rice also known as “forbidden rice” is another good choice. Black rice is high antioxidants and fiber because of this it is suggested not to eat it daily.


Quinoa can also be used as substitute for flour. Along with quinoa other good substitutes are spelt, almond and coconut flour. This also depends on the recipe, these flours are not all purpose.