Alternative Sentient Food Guide

Download this simple and effective guide containing alternatives to everyday foods!

Alternatives for common foods

This sentient food guide contains a list of alternatives to everyday foods and ingredients such as pasta, ketchup, bread, burgers, oils, butter, juices and and the list goes on. Not only does this list contain alternative foods but also popular trusted brands.

Vegan / Vegetarian meal Ideas

We have put together a list of common vegan and vegetarian meal ideas with full recipes with nutrition breakdown.

Calorie & Protein breakdown

Protein intake is a major concern of most people transitioning to a plant based diet. This guide gives a list of how much protein is contained within small meal portions making it easy to measure per person and suitable for other references.

We are currently offering this ebook at no charge. We are accepting donation to support Begend inc, so we can continue spreading awareness and assisting people the best we can.


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