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What is Sentient Fitness?




Sentient Fitness is a path founded on THE principals of the 3rd Solar Ray of Intelligent Activity (esoterically speaking). The same mindset that is upheld to bring the body into a state of being physically fit is also applied to becoming emotionally and mentally fit. Applied consciously with daily life the information and practices given will help assist in the elevation of an individual’s whole being as well as humanity, the planet and the universe. The practices and wisdom imparted through Sentient fitness can be found in all cultures and religions of the world. Sentient fitness results in an inner unfoldment that leads one on the path of realizing their true being; with the ultimate goal of connecting with Soul.


(1): able to perceive or feel things.


a: the condition of being physically fit and healthy.

In the west we spend a lot of time in gyms, why is this? From one’s experience it is known that a strong, flexible and easy to carry body results in a life that is more enjoyable. Majority of the population spend 6 – 8 hours of their day isolated indoors either working or studying. Naturally the people tend to the land and carry out physical activities that would result in a physically fit body, however, our society is built on technology that fulfills the laborious physical duties of our day to day. To compensate, we’ve developed something that will still exercise our physical bodies in similar ways.

How often do we consider the development of our emotional and mental body during our daily work outs? In true holistic practice, concepts and theories must be applied to all aspects of the life. That which is practiced outside of the gym is also practiced inside of the gym. These things (the gym), exist as an extension of us.

Sentient Fitness is a practice designed and prescribed by daily life that in turn replenishes and nourishes daily life. Below are charts of several exercises that can be applied to help each of the three bodies become healthier. Each selection box contains information on different exercises regarding that body. Please note in order to enter the full course training of Sentient fitness, one must be at least a pescatarian. This individual is seeking to eventually abandon eating animals.


Marcel Rosegreen-Walters


My name is Marcel Rosegreen-Walters I was born on November 7th, 1986 and I have always been a heavy-set child with asthma until I embarked on my own lifestyle and health change. I began my journey at the age of 24 and have been a vegan for 6 years now and I am continuing to learn about this journey that I have embarked on. I like to apply lifestyle, health and emotional understanding into coaching because this truly allows me to assist the individual from the inside out. I work on internal development of your lifestyle, emotion and health by attacking the foods, seasonings, personal hygiene and what products are being used daily that have a salient impact on weight-loss. My open theory is lets tackle our problems from the inside out to help maximize your optimal health.

Terence Smith


Outside of being a personal trainer and a health coach, I am a student of the mysteries and a servant of the Lord. The methods of training and healing that I engage in are fully natural bringing together spiritual wisdom and conventional knowledge. My method is one of patient purification that is carried out through all aspects of the daily life. I am sensitive to the uniqueness of each individual allowing me to cater to their particular needs based on their qualities and degree of attainment. Helping clients acquire a healthy mental, emotional and physical body by adopting a healthy lifestyle is only a piece of the work that I set out to achieve. Ultimately I endeavor to serve others in clearing themselves of negative emotional congestion and becoming free of karmic bondage.


Our focus is on the elevation of the human being and the unfoldment of his/her latent qualities. This practice deals with health and wellness in a true holistic sense; true because it deals with the whole of our being and not just partial. Sentient Fitness is prescribed in a modern fashion that’s practical with western culture.

The information given in regard to the 3 bodies are exercises and insights to assist any individual who wishes to freely strengthen, explore or “come closer into line” with balancing the 3 bodies. For those who wish to explore Sentient fitness training please click the button below and connect with us.