Health Elevation: Plant Based Alternatives Video

Health Elevation Event Recap

Our first Health Elevation event on February 3rd was a success. All of the chairs where filled and all of the food was consumed. Give thanks. We will continue to spread the word about Sentient Fitness as we provide more experiences such as this one, reaching new heights as time progress.

This event is provides an experience for attendees as they are able to view props and other installations that express different issues between conventional products and methods versus a healthier alternative. The best part of the day is the healthy treats provided using all plant-based recipes This event had a Caribbean theme which spiced up the menu to a degree. A presentation provided by Sentient Fitness is one of the hallmarks of the event.

This is a free a event, provided to all members of the community. The next Health Elevation is on the way, to support Health Elevation or Begend inc and our mission, please

health elevation

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