Grounding: Spiritual practice


Grounding: A Daily Spiritual Practice

How often do we find ourselves wondering or sporadic in thought, anxious, overwhelmed, nervous, indecisive, sad and even angry for reasons we can’t really figure out. These emotional states, if they could be seen is the result of disruption preceding the chaotic behavior of these subtler energies. Like sparks of light moving frantically in all directions. More times than none there is no one to blame. Grounding is a simple spiritual practice with the intent of brining the subtler bodies (emotional and mental) and their encompassing energies under conscious control, becoming more present, more aware, in the moment. Grounding helps us become present in our bodies, bringing us to a state of calmness and ease.

Like brushing our teeth and washing our face every morning, we must also adopt cleansing and vivifying techniques directly aiding our emotional and mental bodies. This practice can be most profitable in the mornings when we wake up. Preparing ourselves for the day, we will have a grasp on our emotions and thoughts, avoiding aimless, repetitive, unwarranted experiences with the degradation of our bodies as well as our hearts, our mind. This practice can also be used through out the day at anytime, whenever we may feel ourselves losing grip or weary from the weight of what we have endured through out the day.

Grounding Technique

Here we will give two grounding techniques that has proven most effective over the years. The first one is prescribed for lifting the consciousness and the energies of the body, allowing one to be more focused in the mind or the area of brain. With our will power, we direct the neurons traveling throughout the body to the brain, energizing it and vivifying it, brining ourselves to heightened level of awareness. Heightened awareness will cause one to be more understanding, stronger intuitive reception and an overall feeling of peace. The second one is prescribed for cleansing, dispelling the dark matter (negative thoughts, emotions, feelings) from our being and directing them back to that whence it came in order to be purified and re-calibrated, this way the matter/energy may be used once again.

Practice One

– Get to an open space. Outside in the grass is ideal for obvious reasons, however one can be anywhere whether in doors or out.

-Stand shoulder with apart with the heels touching. The heels touching is known to call on the energies of the sacred feminine, this activity is activated through the creation of the V created by the feet. The touching of the two heels also have a stimulating effect on the energies traveling up the spine.

  • Close your eyes and attempt to let go of your limbs, feeling as one whole.
  • Lift your consciousness upward to the crown of the head, anchoring your mind in the heavens. Put more simply, focus all of your energy toward your head. Visualize the currents of your body going upward, every cell. Then attempt to feel these currents as you continue to willfully direct them upward.
  • After some time you begin to hold yourself still and steady and within you, you will feel that your doing this primarily from the head. Your lifting and holding the body all from the crown, your head.
  • Once your ready, open your eyes. Take another moment to feel it all and to let the energy settle and adjust.
  • Now we may carry on with our days normally.

Practice Two

-Close your eyes and once again, attempt to let go of your limbs, feeling as one whole.

-Let go of all that your feeling and thinking as you continue to let go of your limbs, the body.

-Allow your attention to be drawn to the head, your crown. Like a river when its cleared of debris, it flows straight to the source. You will experience this as the currents and your attention begin to pull to your head the more you let go.

-Visualize the dark grey energies traveling downward through your body, down through the soles of your feet, synthesizing with the earth. * One may visualize negative energy or dark matter leaving the body through the soles of the foot, being reclaimed by the earth. * One may also visualize radiant white light coming from the earth and entering the soles of the feet. This light is the soul of the planet and feeds the spirit. This energy serves as a healer and a purifier, helping dissipate dark emotional energy and thoughts.

-Begin to focus on your breath. Feel its every movement as it enters you and moves to your stomach and through out the rest of your body. Attempt to feel your cells becoming filled with fresh breath, moving out the congestion. Feel it as it exits your body as you continue to lift toward your head.

With our feet in the earth and our heads in the heavens, we are whole, we are man as he/ she truly is.


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