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Natural Healing with Jodi Ann Russell

How essential is something so seemingly simple as eating healthy when facing serious life conditions. Jodi Ann Russell is a sister of ours who decided to take her life back in her own hands and begin an alternative approach to healing. Unlike the conventional medicine approach which only numbs the pain and make the sickness tolerable until a dramatic decision has to be made; we simple began a process of cleansing and rebuilding. Read Jodi’s testimonial below, we have also began a vlog as a direct to testimony from Jodi. Please comment and share 🙂

My name is Jodi Ann Russell, I’m a 34-year-old women that is currently undergoing Dialysis 3 times weekly for end-stage kidney failure, cirrhosis of the liver (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), juvenile diabetes, hypertension, heart issues due to the pulmonary hypertension, I also have limited vision in my left eye due to a blood vessel bursting caused by both the diabetes and essential hypertension. I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 14 and due to the constant changes in blood sugars throughout my childhood and adult life, it caused me to have the health issues that I mentioned. With the onset of my adult years, I started to realize that my health is going downhill.

Just like any one who is plagued by this myriad of illness, you seek medical advice. Which wasn’t anything new to me due to my diabetes. I began going to the Doctor as needed to hear about what my issues are and how I can go about curing my body from these aliments. This is not an easy task to deal with. This is one of the hardest things I have gone through in my life to watch my own physical deterioration, I am trying to cope with these new health related issues that spun out of control all because I am a diabetic.

I began to take all types of different medications to help counter act my current health situations. As years began to pass I was still dealing with the same issues and now escalating, getting worse and worse as my medication list began to grow and so did the amount of doctor’s I was speaking to. In my mind – I was starting to lose hope and seemed that I was getting better but worse since my medications became stronger and the types of medications began to pile up on top of one another. I thought to myself this can’t be it, I shouldn’t be on all these pills and seeing all these Doctor’s. It was as if my life was being taken from in front of my eyes as I had to stop working due to my health issues. My 9-5 wasn’t working and making money but working on my health to stay alive.

I was at point of total frustration that I just didn’t want to take all this medication and I’m tired of going to dialysis and nothing was changing. I mean by that my dialysis time had increased rather than going down. It felt like a lost cause, my mind was becoming weak, my spirit was ebbing, nothing was improving. Everyday became a drag and I truly wasn’t happy with what I was going through and I began to wallow in self petty to the point that that I envisioned myself leaving……..

I needed SOMETHING, ANYTHING, I needed MY LIFE and I needed change. I knew Marcel Rosegreen-Walters and Terence Smith for years. Marcel is like a little brother, I knew Marcel was asthmatic and extremely heavy 300+ lbs. but he wasn’t plagued by those health issues anymore. Terence and Marcel we’re working on their non-profit business. It dealt with lifestyle transition through foods, positive energy, open forum candid conversations and healing through the foods. I figured what did I have to lose, I saw Marcel slim down from 300+lbs. to 140lbs., no asthma and no colds as he use to have. He and Terence are always so happy and vibrant, their energy just felt good to be around.

I decided, I needed that essence, I wanted just a little of what they had. I kept asking Terence and Marcel for advice concerning my diet and how to transition my diet. They listened to my issues and guided me to eating conscientious mindfulness. I even asked Marcel to come to my doctor’s visits so he could hear what the Doctor had to say. He agreed to come to the Doctor, this way they could get a better understanding of my health issues. We discussed what the Doctor had said. I then asked them to PLEASE HELP ME with my transition for a better lifestyle and health. They said yes and this is essence of Sentient Fitness.

The transition began and I can say with them being so hands-on with me, the focus was not just on my transition but also on how I was truly feeling and providing an avenue to enable me to deal with my situation. They not only taught me how to heal with the foods but they taught me how to help heal myself with my thoughts and speaking about my emotional distress. They taught me its’ all about letting that energy flow by learning the ability to open up and look at your current situation and know that this is a trail will get better, as long as I believe and continue to.

Another part of my healing that I must accredit to Sentient Fitness is Terence and Marcels’ spirit, this too helped me to become healthier as well. By this, I mean that being around them and feeding off their energy was good for me and fed my soul. I was able to be make peace with certain things that I was never could have before in my life. I could see how eating a healthy clean diet and being around good energy, having positive thoughts can help you and take you from a place of despair.

The end is still a day by day journey that now has HOPE. I’m happy to say that my dialysis time has gone DECREASED – this is EPIC, I am much more vibrant, my strength is coming back, I sleep better, less abdominal pressure and best of all my Doctors are happy with my results as my blood work is looking better the numbers show the improvement. Also, and most importantly I FEEL HAPPY internally and I’m finding joy in my day to day activities again and my sickness no longer has such a hold on me because I know am the driver vs being driven my sicknesses.

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