How I lost almost 150 pounds, quit corporate america and began my spiritual journey.

How I lost almost 150 pounds

Losing weight


My name is Marcel Rosegreen-Walters a graduate of University of Central Florida with a Business Administration degree. Upon graduation, I started to build my corporate career in telecommunications as I worked with Sprint since the age of 18. I worked my way up the corporate ladder while balancing my curiosity for the entrepreneurial life with my childhood friend Terence. We always spoke about creating our own business, our first accomplishment was our Junior year in college. Once I got a taste of the entrepreneurial spirit I just couldn’t get enough thus, we continued to work on our business projects as; I built myself in the corporate world.

However, before I tell you about trying to build my corporate image I must tell you why I chose the field of business. My life started at Stadt Krankenhaus Soest in the town of Soest, Germany. We lived in Korbecke, which was a small village that’s focus was on the human experience; it was like the Truman show. By this I mean, the village was really family orientated. Whenever a family cooked a meal, whether it was lunch or dinner and it was deliciously appetizing. All the children would go to that house and dine together, this happened often or there were potlucks where everyone brought a little of their culture to the meal. I loved this environment of people not worrying about color, or race we all were one family, with the key focus of providing a healthy and fulfilled childhood for all. Over time my appetite for a variety of foods, candy and all types of baked treats grew. Needless to say, I was a heavy child and it only got worse when we moved to the states at the age of 7. My family is from the Caribbean, a Jamaican family with continued ties to the UK and the USA as my family is divided between the locations. My parents are both of Jamaican descent.

Historically, our family’s approach was to eat home cooked meals and dining out occasionally.

Now it’s time to talk about my life in the States and explain my transition to becoming a raw vegan. As I stated earlier, I was an overweight child but always active. I played soccer, basketball and football for the county and also played football for my High School. My senior year before going to college my weight plateaued to 220 lbs. at a height of 5ft 10inches, which wasn’t too bad. However, as I would come to realize once I stopped playing sports and started focusing on college and my academics. During this time, I was going to the gym and playing recreational sports. My diet didn’t really change, just more fast food as most college students consume in addition to cooking and eating Jamaican meals, that I was accustomed to.

As time passed, I was gaining weight fast and trying to counteract the effects of the foods. I increased my gym time, more recreational sports, diets and taking any weight loss pill that would give me the results that I was seeking. By the time, I really looked at myself and got on the scale I was a whopping 280 lbs., this had never happened before. Subsequently I began to diet, any diet. I was getting to a point that this was becoming unhealthy thus, I decided to do the Subway diet, as Jared did. I thought, heck if he could do it so can I. Plus, I thought to myself it’s a win for me. I like subs, as I chuckled to myself. I started immediately and at first I saw a slight difference with my weight but then it began to fluctuate down 5 lbs., yeah; then up all that I initially lost. As time began to do what times does best, run rampant it was at the end of my Junior year and I weighed 300 lbs. so the diet seemed to have worked for others but it didn’t work for me.

college 2007

college 2007

Senior year at UCF I began to shed some weight when I pledged Sigma in the summer. I was back to 280 lbs. which in my eye was an improvement. Upon graduation from UCF, I was down to 240 lbs., by counting calories which was getting a bit tedious. I received a generous job offer from Sprint, so I moved to Atlanta, GA where I stayed. My childhood friend also moved there as well, so we could continue to work on our business.

As the universe would have it, we began to work harder on our business without consciousness, we were now applying our work ethics to our body as well. The realization of what is done on the micro level is also done on the macro level and we began to look inward at ourselves and our overall diet and eating habits.

I wanted to continue to lose weight and take it to the next level. Terence was willing to help me shed more weight, by training me. Prior to the training beginning I must backtrack somewhat. Our friend Antwan also moved to Atlanta, and lived with us. Our house, became our ‘Ashram’ (our transitional retreat) this is where we all transitioned to become vegetarians. Antwan and Terence saw a documentary on food. My motivation was too loose weight and was primarily focused on vanity, truly self-centered. I wanted to be admired for my body, I thought most women love a man with a good body; I now know, that is a false and shallow opinion. Since then, I have changed I my point of view.

The training had begun, we started going to LA Fitness where Terence and I had a membership. Training became a constant with balance of work. The results were emerging slowly. We collectively came across a documentary about the soul, alchemy and science. We were mesmerized, you could say we had awakened a yearning for more. I myself was enthralled by this documentary series, we kept watching day after day. Everything else became a schedule, work and exercise.

Now I was fully committed to my diet and to my surprise, it became easy as I was losing my cravings for fast foods, oxtail and curry chicken amongst other dishes. I felt as if I was on top of the world, I was no longer enticed by red meats as previously. I was fully engaged in what I was doing because the changes were visibly tangible and I could feel the difference now by only consuming chicken, turkey and fish. I became a believer that what I was doing was the best thing for my mind, body and soul.

The consummation of poultry and fish continued for a further two years during my transitionary phase. At which time, I was becoming quite the chef cultivating my own burgers of crab, salmon or any other type of fish I choose to create. I just knew the right amount of seasonings to add and how to cook it, etc. Buying poultry and fish became extremely relevant. I needed to make sure that they had no added antibiotics, that the animals were free range, no added hormones, natural feed without bugs or larvae, etc. As for fish, it was very similar making sure that the fish were wild and not farmed, no added hormones, antibiotics, etc. I also made sure to use natural seasoning such as fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley and Himalayan sea salt. This still gives the great flavor that I was used to, but the beauty is since I was using natural seasonings they weren’t causing me to feel blotted or allow the ingredients to sit in my body which maintained a lot of added weight. The last statement means, that when we consume ingredients in certain foods and seasonings, they’re intrusive to our body. They are not easy to breakdown, as the body must work twice as hard to digest.

My pops and I 2013

California 2014

Transitioning to a vegan

As I was coming to the end of my poultry stage, I saw my body starting to guide me in the right direction. By this I mean that my body began to transition; as my transition continued my cravings for fish increased. I refereed to this as: “The awakening”, It was subtle and I wasn’t aware of what truly was happening as this point of my journey internally for myself or my good friends with whom I shared this journey.

Looking back in hindsight; I can recall it, as if it happened yesterday. Antwan was working on a project for our business and he couldn’t come to the store so Terence and I went. We bought fish, shrimp amongst other sea foods because by this time we were Pescatarian. I truly enjoyed this stage especially salmon which was one of my favorite dishes with some brown rice and vegetables, this was just the best to me seeing this was all my palate desired, at that time I weighed roughly 185-190 lbs. As stated earlier; once you embark on this path your body begins to take the wheel and guide you along the path.

To my surprise, I was starting to waiver with the different types of fish. I became more and more strict, I was only consuming 3 types of fish and crab and shrimp, this was a surprise. “The approach”: We approached to the store and I quickly parked and ran in the store as I ran to the store I knew exactly where the juice was as I always go to this store. Speed walking down the aisle I make a left as I reached the end and walked another few paces and the juice is on my right-hand side. As I approached the destination and pondered to myself what is the next order of business the flavors my mind shouted out with excitement! As I quickly deciphered through the options. Yes, we are in luck I said to myself, I then grabbed the juices and went down the aisle. However, to my surprise, I usually walked down the chip aisle but for whatever reason I was walking down the pet aisle, as I did my conscience seemed to talk to me immediately as if water burst a damn and flood of thoughts came rushing. Would you eat a pet? I immediately thought to myself of course not, what type of question is that and where is this conversation leading.

The plot thickens I then began to ponder and thought well fish are pets too, so what about shrimps, etc. As the dialogue continued I concluded that everyone has some type of pet somewhere and that I was eating a pet. I instantly felt that I wanted to stop eating all forms of flesh and payed for the juice while pondering in thought at the self-checkout. As I approached the car still in my thoughts I saw Terence from a far with his hands on his head as if he too were deep in thought. As I entered the car and I was about to tell him of my revelation in the store but before I could tell him, I asked what was on his mind. He stated that he can’t eat fish or any form of flesh from here on out as I chuckled out loud I said that’s what my revelation was in the store.

The next step: Once I began to let go of my Pescatarian diet I began too loose weight rapidly counting calories seemed to be a thing of the past as a laughed to myself. I was now at the stage where I was only consuming vegetables, grains, fruit, beans and nuts. I weighed roughly 165-170 lbs. during this time. As I began eating differently, I felt different of course but I also could tell my sense of thought was wavering in different direction as well. I became aware that my thoughts changed from when I was eating meat. I felt a bit more grounded not saying anything negative towards a carnivorous lifestyle I just felt my body changing and this is the best way that I can articulate it. I still had the same routine working out, working and enjoying the energy that I had while working out that was different from my prior experience.

Nonetheless, I began to more observant of my body and started looking at my stool more and more after I consumed my food to see what my body would accept or reject. As I could see the changes in my stool form and color, that also helped to let me understand what I could continue to eat or not as my body gave me signs of how the foods would agree with my stomach or sit just there and make me feel blotted. During this time, close to a year I stopped eating beans and was just ate vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruit. I now started not cook my vegetables, this was my fifth year of being a vegan.

Its’ as if my palate began to change all by itself and I wasn’t driven by other factors. As I focused more and more I began to limit my consumption of grains and occasionally ate Freekeh, and Quinoa. I began to make giant plates of salad but as most things happened on this journey I wasn’t eating breakfast anymore nor lunch I didn’t really have an appetite due to the foods I was consuming. I began to eat my salads around 4ish and have fruits and nuts throughout the day. This carried on for 8 months close to year before I started to dabble in a smaller array of foods.

California 2016

California 2016

Year 6, is where I find myself now, still searching as my mind and soul has taken to me where I am more focused on love and the human experience. It became as easy as breathing, I took a leap of faith. Which led to making a major life decision. I quit corporate America August of 2016 to follow my dreams and help build a business. Our mission is to elevate and heal not only self but all of us mutually. It is a gut instinct to jump into what we are doing presently which has brought us too look at the world in a new light and focus on uplifting ourselves and other people to eating the right foods and focusing on what the body truly wants. Working in corporate America for 10 years and traveling for 6 years, it was hard at first to balance eating and working. I now weigh between 138-143 lbs., I currently consume the raw foods daily. Such as avocado, tomato, alfalfa sprouts or broccoli sprouts, a form of seed such as hemp seeds, or chia seeds etc. and Himalayan sea salt. I consume this once a day and eat fruit and nuts throughout the day. Once in while I may have a cooked dish of Quinoa, Freekah, and some raw vegetables with something vegan friendly.

Working for myself allows me the freedom to do things that I couldn’t do previously. Meditation, having time to reflect on my thoughts, truly take time for me and learning to go with the flow of the universe versus always trying to control everything as I have been doing throughout school, college, and my corporate life. Therefore, finally I let go of my safety net and I felt a sense of inner relief as if a lifted a weight off my chest. I am still searching the cosmos finding myself but I see that food is a big part to of who I am today.

Another part of my transition that I should mention that was pertinent to my lifestyle and health was changing my bath and body products such as toothpaste, deodorant, soap, lotion, and mouthwash. To simplify it, I’ll be breaking the alternatives products I started using for myself. The further I look at my health I knew these products were essentially not purifying my body. Many individuals started to speak about aluminum being in deodorant which isn’t conducive to the health of man. Thus, the pondering began, my friends and I started to look for alternative solutions to change our habits.

Finding alternative products with my friends was quick and easy. We tried a variety, even after reading the ingredients, it wasn’t for us. Therefore, transition was quick we left toothpaste and brush our teeth with a combination of baking soda and peppermint soap to help with freshness and allow it to create suds. Now I’m not saying that I may not find another way to brush my teeth but this is the best way that I have found that keeps me away from harmful ingredients that conflict with my internal body.

Next thing to tackle was the deodorant. This battle was very similar to what I explained with my toothpaste. At first, I was just trying to eliminate aluminum from the equation. However, as time began to pass I found myself at a similar parody. I was trying to find the least amount of ingredients in my deodorant and wanted to make sure that nothing in these ingredients won’t cause harm to my body. It took a bit of time to find the deodorant that I wanted but the transition to get their was rather quick due to me wanting that purity since I have applied this to my day to day.

I continue to roll with my transition and it was next to tackle soaps and lotions which I found easiest. Coming across a form of soap that uses natural ingredients. Lotion was next on the agenda but I felt as if I had a good grip of this because I cooked everything with coconut oil. It would accidentally get it on my hands and I would rub it into my skin. As I began to think which is the best oil I could use or form of lotion I thought of coconut oil seeing it’s from a fruit .

Well the mouthwash was something that I in a sense partially tackled as I was using baking soda and peppermint soap together to help counter act the odor causing germs. However, I wanted an additional kick that remined me of when I used toothpaste and it gave you that minty fresh smell an then using a mouthwash on top of that. Using coconut oil after I brushed my teeth and using it as a mouthwash gave me that extra kick that I was looking or and that gave me all my components to tackle my hygiene but as I know with anything this will continue to evolve as we finder purer ways to cleanse the human body physically and internally.


This brings me to the closure: As I said prior I’m still learning about myself and my motto is that I never stay stuck in my ways and refuse to learn, put love first, all about the human experience, let business be of love versus greed and help the human cause in positive way. Thus, my friends and I are continuing our journey together and to see where it takes us, while focusing on our plan to help humanity and share a platform that can help us see a different light in this world.

Light & Love

Marcel Rosegreen-Walters

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