Sentient Fitness is the practice of becoming fit and healthy in the physical body,

the emotional body and the mental body.



We are offering our program to schools, institution and community organizations for the summer and school year of 2019.

Health Elevation an event that supports individuals transitioning to a plant based diet and an overall healthy lifestyle.


” I was connected with Marcel at Sentient Fitness. He spoke to me about his lifestyle and how he is vegan and that he does calisthenics. I wasn’t sure if that was for me but by the end of our two hour conversation he made that way of life feel very attainable. I told my wife as she wanted to try it as well, so we did. Our goal was to eat mainly whole foods. We haven’t committed to becoming vegan, but it made us change the way we eat. It’s been four months. At this point we eat meat roughly once a week; everything else is fruits, vegetables and oats. We no longer stress about counting calories nor do we feel as though we survive to eat”… Read More

Chris Evans | Orlando, FL

The transition began and I can say with them being so hands-on with me, the focus was not just on my transition but also on how I was truly feeling and providing an avenue to enable me to deal with my situation. They not only taught me how to heal with the foods but they taught me how to help heal myself with my thoughts and speaking about my emotional distress. They taught me its’ all about letting that energy flow by learning the ability to open up and look at your current situation and know that this is a trail will get better, as long as I believe and continue to”…. Read more 

Jody Russell | Fort Lauderdale, FL

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